Industrial Application

Automation is today a fast growing field across all branches and domains of engineering. The inimitable advantages of automating the industrial processes include minimizing the manpower demands, better control over the process, enhancing productivity, moving to high volume production, better control over production process, cost control during every stage of production, fewer chances of faults, definite timeline, enhanced profits and ensuring consistent and superior quality delivery. Therefore every industry today desires to automate its functions and processes in a way achieving the above said ends. As a firm committed to meeting the objectives of our esteemed clients and furthering their profits and possessing rich industry knowledge in the automation technology, we undertake and accomplish highly challenging automation projects and deliver surpassing results. Our dedicated and talented team has accomplished several high end automation projects for our corporate clients. One of our unique merits in the automation arena is our ability to customize the deliverables to suit your exact requirement, kind of process and nature of your expectations. We journey with you all through to improve and maintain the automation segment so that you focus on your business and boost up production and sales.

Industrial Application or Service:

We provide a wide assortment of industrial or factory automation solutions to our customers. Today, there is a growing demand for automating the industrial processes since automation helps bring down operational costs and achieve a greater efficiency providing the best returns on investment. We have the necessary technology and experience in automating a variety of industrial and factor processes. The different kinds of automation solutions we provide our clients include the following:

1.Industrial Automation

2.Factory Automation

3.Boiler automation

4.Water treatment

5.Chemical Process Industries

6.OEM –Solution

7.Electro- Mechanical Integration

8.FMCS-Facility Monitoring Control System

9.BMS- Building Monitoring System

Program Service

The developments that have happened in the arena of programmable logic controllers have simplified the process control systems across all the industry sectors. We are experts in some leading programs in the arena of supervisory control and data acquisition and can therefore deploy state of the art computer based control systems for all industrial processes. The platforms we work on for the diverse range of program services we deliver include the following:

1.PLC and Labview programming

2.HMI Based SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)

3.PC based SCADA(supervisory control and data acquisition)

System Integration

Integrating the process control systems has been highly sought after by a large number of industries today since integration can help significantly improve efficiency over time. With our superior technologies, we can evolve logical industrial automation integration solution specially designed to meet your expectations and needs. All our system integration controller projects have helped our clients achieve process efficiency in addition to bringing about a substantial return on investment. The platforms we work on include the following:

1.Allen Bradly




5.GE Fanuc


7.LABVIEW- Nation Instrument