We have gathered a vast amount of experience and enviable capabilities in the solar energy arena. As a top player in the solar energy field, we are involved in the designing, engineering, installing, operating and maintaining a broad range of Photovoltaic solar power systems for residences and businesses. We can render highly cost-effective solar power production solutions across any kind of requirement and serve the needs of massive industrial and commercial establishments. Our huge photovoltaic projects have helped a large number of businesses, housing projects, non-profits and other establishments enjoy accelerated returns. The main line of our products in the solar energy segment includes the following.

Solar power plant

Solar power plant works on the concept of converting sunlight into electricity mainly by employing Photovoltaic (PV) principle or using concentrated solar power (CSP). While concentrated solar power systems make use of lenses, mirrors or tracking systems in order to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam, Photovoltaic systems converts sunlight into electric current working on the photoelectric effect.


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On Grid Solar roof top system

Our Off-grid systems are installed independently and can cater to the needs of power even in remote locations. The additional components of an off-grid system are a battery bank and generator as the system needs to provide the necessary power from the backup while the panels are not producing any power.


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Off Grid Solar roof top system Type-2

On-grid systems are connected to the grid and the consumers can use either the solar power or the grid power as both are available in an integrated way. The amount of power produced by the PV system helps cut down on the power bills. Also, any surplus power produced through the solar roof top system is exported to the grid thereby earning an income to the company.


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Solar Pumping System

Solar water pumping systems are independent systems working on the power generated by Solar Photovoltaic panels. The solar panels generate the power necessary to operate the DC surface centrifugal mono-block pump set for lifting water from bore-wells or open wells or water reservoirs. This system can support both surface pumps and submersible pumps.


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Solar and Hybrid street light system

These are intelligent, small scale and off-grid lighting systems that enable save on electricity bills. They can be installed in any place where there is no grid connectivity without any need for wiring. You just need to lay the foundation and install the street lamps and watch them glow with the turn of the switch. We can undertake preventive maintenance, regular cleaning of solar panels, yearly side of the equipment, warranty management, resource management and prediction, reactive repairs, spare parts and inventory management and the other related services your project might require.


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Installation & Commissioning(I&C)

We are among the leading firms in the arena of solar power plant installation and commissioning. We undertake a wide range of solar PV installation projects of any size for both residential and commercial applications. One of our unique specialties is the customization of the PV power systems as per the requirements and expectations of the clients. We survey the site, clearly ascertain he typical power requirements of the client and suggest the right kind of solution meeting their budget and preferences. The PV solar power installation and commissioning services of our firm include site inspection, system design, material procurement, plant layout, component supply, system assembly, integration, installation and commissioning. Right from the planning to commissioning stage of the project, we demonstrate quality in every step of the project. We only supply the top graded components and materials and accomplish the project in a meticulous manner giving you a good amount of cost saving advantage and top quality performance for a long time.

MMS execution

  • Land leveling
  • Full load test
  • Survey(TS)- MMS point as per design
  • Excavation –MMS colum post
  • Post alignment
  • Concrete & Pile Foundation
  • Cube test
  • Queering for pile foundation
  • Structure installation & alignment
  • Module installation & alignment
  • Degree and torque checking

DC Execution

  • Cable trench excavation from string box to inverter room
  • MMS table to table earth link using GI Flat
  • Erection of string box mounting bracket and string box
  • Earth link for string box mounting bracket
  • Erection of earthing electrode with champers
  • All earthing electrode linked in 2 X Run GI Flat
  • XLPE cable laying from SCB to Inverter and termination
  • SPV module to module connection with dressing
  • 4/6 Sqmm cable laying from module to SCB
  • MC4 – connector termination in Field side as well as SCB side with dressing
  • SPD earth link in SCB from SCB mounting bracket
  • Erection of Lightning arrestor as per your drawing
  • Module to module earth link using 6 sqmm cable

AC Execution

  • Supply & Erection of 11/22/33 KV Switch yard.
  • Erection of Transformer, VCB,
  • Supply & Erection oftwo pole Structure in consumer side as well as TANGENCO side.
  • Earthing for Switch yard.
  • Supply & Erection of Fencing in switch yard
  • Supply ,Erection of RCC pole, Conductor, Disk, Fin Insulator,
  • Erection of 11/22/33/KV transmission line
  • Supply , Erection , Testing & commissioning of bay extension in substation in TANGENCO

Operation maintenance

We are the most trusted, capable and reliable company to operate and maintain your solar power plants and ensure optimum power production on a continuous basis. The utility-scale PV industry is today fast growing and therefore has created a huge demand for the operation and maintenance of solar power plants. With our advanced technology, superior capabilities and dedicated team, we can keep your solar power plant performance to meet the desired levels and also meet the regulations applicable. With our all embracing experience in the segment of solar plant operation and maintenance, we can ensure that you leave all your worries and focus on other aspects of your business as we take good care of your solar power systems.

Why Solar Energy

Acute power shortage, increase in the cost of conventional power and widespread environmental concerns have moved a large number of businesses to turn towards renewable energy sources for their industrial power needs. Sun light is the most abundantly available sources of energy on the earth’s crust and therefore provides a viable and highly dependable alternative energy source to requirements of any magnitude. Through the advanced technology and equipment available today, we can harvest solar energy in abundance and apply it to power the complete range of industrial processes.

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The demand in the industry

Amidst the rapidly surging popularity and demand for solar power generation among households and businesses across all industry domains, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has estimated that by 2050, solar energy will satisfy over 45% of the total energy demands of the world. Solar systems produce the most power during the most needed hour and therefore help avoid brownouts and blackouts on the utility grid. This renewable and domestically harvested energy can reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources as well as fossil fuels. Large numbers of organizations are demonstrating their commitment to green practices by installing solar energy production systems. Therefore there is a huge and fast surging demand in the solar energy segment.

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Industrial applications

Solar electricity produced by photovoltaic systems is widely used by households as well as a wide range of industries across several domains including agriculture, telecommunication, construction, manufacturing and water desalination for powering a variety of industrial processes and equipments including lights, pumps, machines, fans, refrigerators and water heaters.

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Solar energy advantages

  • Sunlight – the source of solar energy is the most available energy source on the earth. It is estimated that just 50 minutes of sunlight can provide enough power to meet the complete electricity needs of the whole world for a full year.
  • Solar energy is sustainable for energy consumption and indefinitely renewable until the sun can run out in billions of years.
  • Once installed and optimized, solar PV panels require low maintenance and can seamlessly generate electricity for several years with minimal intervention and maintenance. They do not have any mechanical parts that can fail.
  • Solar energy assures maximized returns both financially and environmentally. Since there is no emission of pollutants from solar energy production, installation of solar energy systems means a definite advancement in the lines of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Solar energy can provide standalone capabilities even in the most remote and rural areas for large scale applications.
  • When compared to the other existing power technologies, the ongoing operating costs with solar systems are significantly low.
  • The government has announced highly generous tax credits to firms that have invested in solar and other renewable energy systems.
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