We deliver the comprehensive range of products and services for oil and gas refineries in terms of engineering Design, Process equipment, Trunkey solution (EPC) of Supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning, Operation and Maintenance. We are adept in the intricate details of refineries and petrochemical plants. We have a long and sustained experience in optimizing the design, material mobilizing and construction of all kinds of refinery facilities including distillation, dehydration, blending, bleaching -processing, coking, fluid catalytic cracking, octane enrichment, hydrogen manufacturing and sulfur removal units. Our innovative range of high-end solutions for these industries will help enhance HSE and ensure quality performance.

With our unchallenged industry knowledge and sophisticated technology, we provide end to end solutions for oil and gas refinery industries of all sizes and categories. Right from feasibility research, we deliver the complete suite of services and products including Front-end loading, FEED Services, Process Layout, Procurement, Construction, Process management, Commissioning, Initialization, Launching, Revamping, Automation and control. We are experts in this arena and therefore all our products and services carry uncompromising quality, reliability, low maintenance cost, competitive pricing and the latest technology..

Our Solvent extraction systems advantages

Solar power plant works on the concept of converting sunlight into electricity mainly by employing Photovoltaic (PV) principle or using concentrated solar power (CSP). While concentrated solar power systems make use of lenses, mirrors or tracking systems in order to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam, Photovoltaic systems converts sunlight into electric current working on the photoelectric effect.

  • Can polish your base oil distillate in to a fine quality base oil of light color
  • zero use of clay
  • Recovery of 99.9 percent solvent
  • Ability to treat light as well as heavy distillates with ease
  • Available for a wide range of feed rates
  • Ensures continuous production
  • Features a regenerative media based polishing technology for the sake of smaller throughputs.

Industry applications

Our oil and gas refinery products and services have a wide range of applications across several industry segments and process requirements including the following

  • Used oils refining to manufacture base lube oil
  • Base lube oil distillate polishing
  • Solvent recovery from wastes
  • Fuel recovery from petroleum sludge, semi-solids and solid hydrocarbon wastes
  • Drying and cooling of diverse range of materials like starch
  • Manufacturing bio-fuels from organic waste
  • Ethanol production from hydrocarbon waste
  • Solvent removal and dehydration
  • Wide range of distillations
  • Mixing solutions
  • Heating applications

Products range

We supply a wide range of custom delivered machinery, systems and equipment across broad range of categories including the following.

  • Waste lube oil refining equipment
  • Lube polishing equipment
  • Solvent extraction equipment
  • Hydro-treating equipment
  • Solvent recovery equipment
  • Pyrolysis technology based recovery equipment
  • Dryers - with Solvent Recovery
  • Bio Fuel equipment
  • Ethanol Production equipment
  • Molecular technology sieve equipment
  • Skid mounted distillation equipment
  • Mixing equipments
  • Reactors